Thursday, October 20, 2011


ion need naffinn,
lost in d dilemma,
d question keep poppin,
d answers unchoosable,
y do i care,
d question repeats,
wid no answer to say,
i still ponder,
wen i luk fer reasons,
i c nothin ,
wen i wish ta end it awll,
i c sumtyn ,
wish to break down,
wish to let it out,
but i jus cant ,
ders 2 much within,
to let go now,
d fear of xplodin,
keeps poppin up,
lukin fer d emptiness,
i see d green,
lukin fer sum hope,
i c awl balck ,
thers no rhyme,
ders no life,
nothin was meant to be,
d way it is now,
never meanta be

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