Thursday, October 20, 2011

Change in you

meanings change,
thoughts change,
surroundings change,
situations change

life changes,
do feelings as well??

what u said yesterday,
has become the past of today,
what u said u mean,
is now meaningless,
what u made me feel then,
u dont wanna no more

what did i do ,
for u to change like this,
did i make a mistake,
seein myself with u

not then ,
not now ,
but from then ,
till the end

i saw people ,
but they were just people,
but when i saw u,
i felt something different

i dint know it at first,
but soon realized,
i put myself in u,
for you to look after

i see my smiles in the mirror,
i see the memories,
i feel the joy,
i feel my heart

but not anymore,
where am i ,
where did it go,
i feel no more

was it a dream,
or a nightmare,
i cant let it go,
i cant feel u now

i still see you,
right in front of my eyes,
i still keep you,
right inside my heart

i keep begging,
don't let me go,
i keep crying,
please don't go

u keep taunting,
you let me go,
u keep shouting,
you need me not

life is so messed now,
dunno what to do,
living hurts me now,
when its without u 

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