Sunday, April 2, 2017

Book Review: NEXT!: The Search for My Last First Date

Next! The search for My Last First Date

Oh my, I am not exactly your everyday reader, in fact I rarely read books, but when I read a book I can assure I don't just read any random book. The books that I read are usually best sellers or something funny, and here I have my latest read, something I'm reading after probably a year. And boy it didn't disappoint, it sure was funny.

  The author has written it in a simple way, and each of the sub stories in the book are short and it's really fun to read them all. It shows how different people can be and you have no idea, that you may be one of them. Since I am way younger, I can relate to a lot things said in the book. The realities are all in there, and how hard it is for a man to actually find someone for the rest of his life.

 I don't really wanna spoil it for you, so I'm keeping it short. It's a short book and I'm pretty sure you won't regret getting it.

It's available on

here's the link to it, you can take a peek at if before you get it as well.


Also you can get it as an ebook for Kindle if you want it so :

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