Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Ain't you being selfish,
Just like all the rest,
Why can't you understand,
Is all you ask of me

I used to pay heed n do,
Whatever was asked of me,
Unless my mind's away,
In a world far far away,
Or my fingertips be glued,
To a fancy touchscreen,
Sliding left and right

And still I'm selfish,
Not claiming I'm not,
For when it comes to something precious,
Aren't we all?

Trying to understand you,
And all around me,
For almost all my life,
I find myself a puppet,
With no life of my own,
No respect for thy self,
For I ain't doing anything,
That is always in this mind,
Trying to break out on its own,
And yet I'm selfish

When you ask of me,
To do this or that,
How often have I been blunt,
And given a straight red?
It's always been a yellow or green,
Even though my mind was rosy,
Yet now I'm selfish

When it comes to my life,
I've never had a say,
My likes and dislikes,
Were just brushed aside,
For the greatest honor in this world,
An elusive Engineering degree,
Without which I'm nothing,
But just a shame,
And still chasing the one that got away,
I'm still tagged selfish

You can't always get what you want,
Wouldn't life have been boring that way?
And if you can't get it,
Why waste your life on it,
When you know you ain't gonna get it anyway?
Is it bravery or plain stupidity,
My minds in a state of chaos,
Figuring out this dilemma,
Constantly trying to fight on,
And failing miserably on the other side,
A fight that I've long lost,
Even before it began,
Isn't it a fitting end,
For I'm selfish, after all.

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