Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh Poor Soul

All those that glitters,
Sparks a light,
In those colourless eyes,
A gleam of hope,
A piece of light,
To the narrow exit,
Like a pin hole,
To a distant dream,
Faded to plain white,
With shades of Grey

Lost in the echoes,
Of voices unheard,
Craving to burst out,
To spill out,
To bear the burden,
Treading this body down,
To the lower echelons,
To burn in hell fire

Where is everybody,
When you need a hand,
To pull you out,
From this treacherous dream,
Or was it the dream,
That you dreamed so long,
Betraying your senses,
Betraying the faith,
A life of lies,
Made of images,
Unreal feelings and lust

The wall looks down on you,
With unbound pity,
You poor soul,
At thy misery,
Been seeing this a while,
Been sick and tired,
Of the endless playlist,
Playing on repeat,
The look in disbelief,
Of a crushed soul 

The promises they made,
Wondering why they did,
Speak such mean things,
Was it all part of a script,
Of unchartered  thrills,
Limitless pain,
Never ending tears,
Faith be lost,
Forsaking all humanity

Do you start all over,
Or do you quit,
Do you risk again,
With an outcome so clear,
To try your luck,
With all odds against,
One last time,
To make it,
Or end up broken,
Not just once,
But for all eternity 

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