Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How safe are you?


            "How safe are you?" What would you answer, if I ask you this question? Have you ever wondered or asked yourself "How safe am I?" anytime in the past couple of months? If you are a girl you surely must, taking into consideration all the events that has been going on in our country for some time now.

               I do ask myself why I keep writing on this topic over and over again, haven't I had enough of this already, as you can clearly see that nothing has changed since then, seems like everyone forgot it ever happened or maybe its cause it didn't happen to them that they should be so worried about it. One or two days of public show to show they care? How different am I from all of you I wonder..... I didn't show no protest, nor did I take part in any of those public shows, all I do is sit and think, and if I get time to write it down I pen em down, nothing more. Of course you share your sympathies with the victims and their families, but you still seem to be missing the point. You are all more focused on your rat race to outdo your competition and earn more money, but for whom? Yourself?, you can't take the money you make with you when you die. Your family?, you are ignoring their safety trying to make money and if you end up loosing them, then what? You can claim to be optimistic and talk of moving on by marrying again, for your life or for the sake of your children, but how safe are your children now? These vile animals are not differentiating between babies and grannies and preying on them alike.

         What could be the reason for this nature? The rise in crimes all of a sudden is prominently because the government ain't taking any action against the criminals for the crimes they have committed, but then again this was going on behind the scenes for a long time, just that the rate was much lower. Is there no way to stop it, or at least bring it down?

            Nobody has any time for this, do they? And then you can "Bloggers have all the time in the world to keep writing shit about the rest, what do you know about how hard it is for us trying make both ends meet". Is that an excuse for not being socially responsible? I am not that much of a good blogger, nor do I get time to write down most of what crosses my mind, but when something important comes I do try to make time to write it down, cause you people are not really bothered or rather give it way too less importance in your daily lives.

         You can think when you read or hear the news, "Poor girl how could it happen to her? Why ain't they being punished?". You seem to be forgetting one thing, India is a democratic country, we do have our rights and we chose our leaders. Why let them rule over us, if they can't even ensure our security, let aside making millions of bucks while in power. They have so much money, and they want even more, how cynical, the rich keeps getting richer and the poor, poorer. Let them have the money, but can't they do something for the public? If the people aren't themselves willing to change, you got to force it on them for the welfare of the entire society.

           I live in fear, that one day if I get married, how can I ever leave peacefully? Have to look after my wife and my kids, who else can ensure their security? The law enforcers are themselves being convicted of crimes, how can I entrust the security of my family to such people? You can argue that I'm  thinking too much or looking way farfetched, its true, it may not happen to you or me, but you never know what life has in store for you, do you?

                      Another shocking fact is the unwillingness of people to tend to the victims, of the Delhi incident, when they were lying on the road. None bothered to get them to a hospital, why? And the next day they were protesting with candles held in hands? Hippocrates ain't they?, they could've helped but stood watching and then they vouch for them the next day? Maybe its not their fault, that they stood there watching the victims cry out in pain like mere spectators. Maybe the thought of helping them might have crossed their minds but they couldn't cause if they took em to a hospital, they might have had to bear all the expenses, and worse the case could be hammered onto them instead. Who knows how the system works, the victim gets turned into the convict, then how can anyone take up courage to help them. The system needs to be fixed first, why do you have a hospital? To make money or to serve the people? The former makes more sense now, that you'll have to follow all the procedures of the hospital and pay the money first even if the patient is about to die. Talk about social responsibility and commitment.

              Then looking at a rather less significant side,the dressing style, although your sense of dressing and style may not have anything to do with what happens to you, cause if you were targeted, no matter what you were, they will hunt you down. But dressing does in a small way change perceptions. Why do we wear clothes in the first place? Its for protecting ourselves right? or wasn't that what it actually was made to serve as. The change in trend and fashion may have enticed you to shed more clothes and look more attractive than some other girl, or in front of someone special to you. It can all be understood, but don't you think your dressing has an impact on the viewers mind too. I have no clue as to what a girl feels when dressing up awkwardly trying to impress someone, sacrificing a lot in the process, its more of a prestige issue for them I guess. Their ego is way above their sense of security. Everyone has their preferences and likes, and their dressing holds a key to what they get judged as, just as a well dressed boy going in for an interview creates a good impression.

     I had more to say, but it may go well above my standards to even mention it, so I'm letting that pass for now. For all I wanted was to make you think of your life and how safe it is right now, in this country where law and order is out of order. So how safe are you?

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